A Golf Organization Created by Women Golfers for Women Golfers

Handicap Index-

A Handicap Index issued by an authorized golf association such as SDCWGA, indicates a golfer's skill and reflects a players scoring ability.   A players handicap index travels from course to course and will determine the number of strokes a player receives depending upon the length and difficulty of the course played. 

Women golfers who belong to SDCWGA through one of its member clubs are eligible to receive a handicap index sanctioned by the USGA and updated on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Handicap FAQ

Publications and Communications -

County Capers, published by SDCWGA's official publication.

SDCWGA's Web site www.golfsdcwga.org is also an outstanding resource.  The site offers online entry to our events, tournament pairings and results, online score posting and direct access to SDCWGA member's handicap records.

Rules of Golf Presentations -

Rules of Golf presentations are conducted by SDCWGA and national rules officials, providing in-depth study for a nominal fee. A short rules program for club functions is also offered free of charge. Additionally, experts are available to answer rules disputes that may arise as well as giving advice.

Guest Speakers -

Speaker service is available for club meetings or special gatherings to discuss member services or other appropriate topics.

Liaison -

As a part of the USGA family, SDCWGA acts as a liaison, monitoring issues of importance to member clubs, conducting USGA qualifying rounds and processing applications for reinstatement of amateur status. In addition, the association acts as a liaison to other state groups, including the SCGA,  WPLGA, WGANC and WPLGA.