We continue looking for the County and State milestones that will allow golf tournament resumption in San Diego County.  Hopefully, we will get there soon!  

The County Championship is scheduled for July.  This does not leave much time for players to prepare for the championship.  So, the Board decided to reschedule the County Championship to later in 2020.  The dates and locations will be announced later this year.  If we are able to schedule play in July, it will be a Field Day.  An update will be sent out when we know more. 

Tournaments, as we know them, may be changed for a while.  They may not be shotgun starts.  But, we can do tee times, if required.  It may not be with the Rules of Golf as we have played in the past:  flagsticks may not be touched, bunkers may not have rakes, etc.  But, we will work with the revised USGA Rules to accommodate such changes.

The best information we have at this point is that restrictions probably will remain for a while.  So, we probably will be wearing masks, practicing social and physical distancing, wiping everything down and  applying lots of hand sanitizer. 

As you go around in your community more freely and regularly come in contact with more people in more places, hopefully, you will feel safer and want to sign up for our tournaments.  When we receive the good news that “sports gatherings” will be allowed, we invite you to join us for a tournament.  Hopefully, we can measure that in weeks or days—not months!  

More information coming in future County Capers!

Ellen Koury
SDCWGA President

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