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                                                                     Congratulations to our 2019 Team Play Winners
                                                               Gross Champions - Coronado/Torrey Pines
                                                                           Net Champions - San Vicente

Team Play is match play competition between any women's golf club under the jurisdiction of the SCGA located in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties.  Each club may field up to 4 teams.  Each team consists of 16 members with 8 playing in match. For 2019 there will be a Gross Division and Net Divisions. Net Division may be separated into sections  by geographic location or index average.  The winner in the gross division will be the overall gross winner.  The winners of each net section will compete in playoffs with the other section winners to determine the overall Net Team Champions.

Each match will be played as four-ball match play.  All 18 holes will be played.  Within the gross division, the low gross ball of a side is matched against the low gross ball of the opponents' side for a gross win of that hole.  Within the net divisions, the low net ball of a side is matched against the low net ball of the opponent's side for net win for that hole.  If there is not a winner the hole is halved.

The side with the most wins on the first nine holes will score 1 point.  The same format continues with the second nine holes resulting in a win of 1 point for the most wins on the second nine.  The side with the most wins for eighteen holes will score an additional 1 point.  Each two-person team (side) can earn 3 points.  There is a total of 12 points available per team.